• Bray Electric Actuators

  • Bray Electric Actuators

    Bray Controls’ years of proven success in electric actuation, combined with innovative engineering, has produced the Series 70 electric actuator. The Series 70 features on/off or modulating control. Bray’s Series 70 electric actuator has many advantages over other actuators including:

    • UL,CSA and CE certification of most units

    • Wiring directly to the terminal strip without interference from other components

    • Simple and unique manual override handwheel system

    • Lowest profile and lightest weight actuator on the market

    • Simple finger or screwdriver adjustment of travel limit cams without interference from other components

    • Highly visible valve status display on most units

    Designed like a junction box, the Series 70 offers by far the easiest access to terminal block wiring, cam adjustments and switch installation. Therefore, the time required for field startup and adjustment is greatly reduced, and maintenance can be performed with assured ease and safety.

  • FloSource carries a large on hand inventory of the Bray Series 70 electric actuators. We carry all sizes of NEMA 4 units in our inventory.  Our standard voltage unit is 120 VAC and we carry all units with a Heater and auxiliary limit switches. Our automation techs are authorized to install the BRAY NXT SERVO card and calibrate per customer request.  Included with every shipment is a wiring diagram and IOM's can be requested with shipment.  Please let us know how we can be of assistance.  Below are brochures, IOM's as well as common wiring diagrams for the Bray electric actuators.  For Customer service please contact us 800-752-5959 or sales@flosource.com



  • Bray Electric Actuators