Bray Series 98 Actuator

Bray Series 98 Actuator

Output Torque – 2,744 to 885,100 in-lb (310 to 100,000 Nm)
Temperature Range – -50°F to 300°F (-46°C to 149°C)
Inlet Supply Pressure – 40 – 150 psi (2.8 – 10.3 bar)

Bray’s engineering excellence and precision manufacturing have produced the Series 98 pneumatic actuator, part of our modular, fully configurable product line optimized for direct mounting on Bray valves for flexibility and efficiency at reduced cost. Series 98 actuators were designed primarily for pneumatic operation to a maximum pressure of 150 psi (10.3 Bar) and for temperature ranges of -50°F (-46°C) to 300°F (+149°C).

  • Compact design offers a high torque to weight ratio
  • Modular Design offers easy configuration in the field
  • Module alignment ensured by precision machined centering rings
  • Torque Output ranging from 2,744 to 885,100 in-lb (310 to 100,000 Nm)
  • Spring End Torque ranging from 2,744 to 445,261 in-lb (310 to 50,306 Nm)
  • Standard premium epoxy/polyurethane coating

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