Apollo Actuators

Apollo Actuators are designed and manufactured for the ultimate in durability and reliability. In addition, Apollo provides outstanding service life and minimum maintenance. Actuation packages are available for most Apollo ball valve packages from stock. Apollo has authorized FloSource as a authorized Valve Automation Center. In addition, FloSource maintains a large selection of Apollo valves that in most instances can be automated and shipped same day.

The Apollo AE Series Electric Actuators are designed to modular in design. In addition, they are light-weight and in-expensive. Options can include brakes, heaters, additional limit switches, servo’s, and different motor voltages. FloSource is authorized to add options to Apollo AE Series Electric Actuators. In conclusion, if you need an AE quick give us a call.

The Apollo AD and Apollo AS series of pneumatic actuators are proven performers in the market. The unique design includes removable inserts for machining modification, adjustable travel stops, and stainless steel fasteners. Our team of experts are qualified to size and select Apollo Pneumatic actuators to your valve needs.

In conclusion, when you need a automated Apollo ball valve, call a trusted source like FloSource. We are well stocked and authorized by Apollo Valves to automate assemblies.

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