AD/AS Series Actuator

AD/AS Series Actuator

Output Torque – Double-Acting: 119 to 38510 lbf-in (13.4 to 4338 Nm) at 80 psig (5.5 barg)/ Spring-Return: 41 to 15867 lbf-in (5 to 1793 Nm) spring end torque at maximum spring set
Temperature Rating – -4°F to 176°F (-20°C to 80°C)
Air Supply – 29 to 120 psig (0.2 to 8.3 barg)

Designed and manufactured for the ultimate durability and reliability, Apollo® pneumatic rack & pinion actuators provide outstanding service life. Apollo® rack & pinion actuators have replaceable insert drive adapters in all but the largest models, and many units have dual ISO 5211 “F” series bolt patterns. The numerous actuator drive and bolt pattern combinations allow direct mounting of several valve styles.

Specification – Download PDF

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