UltraFlo 400/480 Series Butterfly Valve

UltraFlo 400/480 Series Butterfly Valve

Size Range: 2”-24”
Body Material: Ductile Iron
Connection Type: Lug, Wafer

Ultraflo 400-480 Series is available in a wide variety of high quality materials including Food Grade blends and components for High Abrasion applications. Components precision machined to tight tolerances, the 480 Series delivers long service life, ease of operation and maintenance.

Ultraflo’s 400 Series valves have set the standard in bulk trailer applications for both performance and economy. Engineered for long service at a low price, this valve incorporates all the advantages of resilient seated butterfly valves plus the features required in bulk trailer transportation applications. The 400 Series offers rugged, lightweight construction, smooth quarter-turn operation, and ease of installation and maintenance.

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