• Bray Series 30/31

  • Bray Series 30 / 31

    Bray Series 30 / 31 butterfly valves set the standard for resilient seated butterfly valves.  As a result the Bray 30 / 31 are the best selling butterfly valve in the Western Hemisphere.  Design features for the Bray 30 / 31 include one piece stem with an internal drive connection to the disc. As a result of this, the valve has no pins or bolts that can come loose.  Furthermore, Bray 31 Valves are lug design and all sized feature a Ductile Iron Body as standard. 


    Industries such as power generation, oil and gas, chemical processing, food and beverage, brewery and distilling, primary metals, cement and aggregate, pulp and paper, and automotive rely on the Bray Series 30 / 31.  Furthermore, it is the standard in building automation and HVAC.  As a result FloSource stocks probably one of the nation’s largest Bray Series 30 / 31 inventories in the United States.  


    Series 30 / 31 are available in many trims and sizes.  These include Aluminum Bronze Discs, Stainless Steel Discs, Ductile Iron Discs, in addition to Nylon 11.  Nylon 11 (N11) is the most popular because it’s inexpensive and in most cases can be utilized and perform better than Stainless Steel or Aluminum Bronze.  As a result, the (N11) Nylon 11 disc is our most common trim.   


     Bray Series 30 / 31 seat materials include EPDM, Buna, Viton and Silicone.  Buna is rated good for most oils and fats.  Viton (FKM) is utilized in cutting fluids, and some elevated temperature applications.  Most noteworthy would be EPDM which is used in most HVAC and industrial applications.  As a result, FloSource stocks a tremendous amount of Bray Series 30 / 31 with EPDM.