Bray Valves

Bray Valves are available from FloSource stock in 3 distinct designs. FloSource currently stocks Bray Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves, Bray-McCannalok high performance butterfly valves, and Bray Tri-Lok butterfly valves. Each of these designs offer the end user distinct advantages at a competitive price with a fast delivery.

Bray Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves are known worldwide for their durable design, unique industry leading features, and outstanding value to the end user. Bray offers more series and options of valves than any other resilient seated butterfly valve manufacturer in the world. The Series 30/31 raised the bar and now sets the industry standard. Bray also pioneered the development of the Nylon 11 disc (N11) disc. This unique disc material can be used where stainless steel is specified for a fraction of the price. Bray Lug Valves come standard with Ductile Iron bodies. Standard seat materials include EPDM, BUNA, (FKM-Viton), and teflon. Bray standard disc materials include DI-N11, Ductile Iron, Aluminum Bronze, Stainless Steel. Resilient Seated valves are available to pressure ratings of 250 PSI.

FloSource can be a tremendous resource for Resilient Seated Bray Valves. We can provide bray valve dimensions, part number breakdowns on bray valves, and who sells bray valves. Our Bray Resilent Seated Inventory includes Series 30 and Series 31 in common trims up to 20". Bray Series 20/21 thru 12" in both resilient seats, teflon seated, and teflon lined. Bray 31H valves in N11 disc and SS disc up to 20" As well as Bray spare parts including discs, replacement seats, packing, etc.

Bray McCannalok High Performance Butterfly Valves offer the end user second to none performance at a great value. Bray McCannalok valves are utilized in industries such as power generation, pulp & paper, steel manufacturing, aluminum manufacturing, oil and gas pipeline, petroleum refineries, food and beverage, and the HVAC industry. Bray McCannalok valves feature a high-strength one piece blow out proof stem, adjustable packing, precision fit taper pins that into reamed holes, an internal travel stop and a engerized encapsulated seat. Standard body materials include both carbon steel and stainless steel. Options for the Bray McCannalok include PTFE and UHMWPE seats, Fire-Safe Trim, Hastelloy C bodies, Alloy 20 trim, Monel discs for Chlorine, Cryogenic trims, and High Temperature trims.

FloSource stocks one of the most comprehensive inventories of McCannalok in North America. Our inventory includes Carbon Steel Lug and Wafer ANSI 150# valves up to and including 24" in both Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel bodies. ANSI 300# valves in carbon steel and stainless steel through 12" in both lug and wafer. We also carry ANSI 600# McCannalok valves thru 8" in Carbon Steel Lug and Wafer.

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