• Bray Controls and Accessories

  • Bray Controls Series 50 Valve Status Monitor

    The Series 50 signals actuator and valve position to local, as well as, remote stations. The units have been designed for ease of wiring and a wide variety of switches. Both feature the same high quality internal parts with the same rugged reliability.

    • Housing Material: Die Cast Aluminum w/ Standard Coating (Seacorr Coated Body Exterior available)
    • NEMA-4, 4X Design
    • 10 amps at 125 or 250 volts AC
    • Internal travel switches that are prewired to a terminal block
  • Bray Controls Series 52 Valve Status Monitor

    Bray’s 2N1 ProxSensor has combined two proximity sensors in one self-contained.  The unit is a fully sealed, compact enclosure. DeviceNet, PROFIBUS DP and AS-i BUS network units with solenoid drive are also available.

    The Series 52 offers the bounce-free electronic valve signaling required for all PLC, computer and solid state circuitry.  This is vital to process control and information networks. Costly external junction boxes are eliminated, as well as, field wiring costs are greatly reduced.  Bray’s approach delivers the most compact, reliable and economical valve position monitoring system available.

  • Bray Controls Series 6A Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

    Precision digital control with proven reliability Bray’s Series 6A positioners were designed with ease of installation, simple calibration, efficiency and economy in mind. Units for rotary single acting and double acting actuators are offered as standard. Intrinsically safe versions are also available.

    Explosion Proof: NEMA 4, 4x, 7 & 9

    Waterproof: NEMA 4, 4x, 7 & 9

    Housing: Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer with Metalized Coated interior for EMC protection

  • Bray Controls Series 6P Pneumatic Positioner

    The Bray Series 6P positioner provides outstanding control for a wide range of quarter-turn valves. This design provides fast, sensitive response characteristics to meet the most demanding control objectives using a 3-15 psi pneumatic control signal. A high visibility dome position indicator and 3 gauges are provided as standard. The Series 6P is available with many options.  These include position feedback limit switches and a 4-20 mA position feedback transmitter.

    Models: NEMA 4, 4X

    Action: Double and Single Acting, Direct and Reverse

    Housing: Powder Coated Anodized Aluminum


  • Bray Series 62 Solenoid Valve

    Electrical Connections: NEMA Housings: 1/2” NPT

    DIN Housing: Cable Gland M15 x 1.5

    Temperature Range: +5°F to +140°F (-15°C to +60°C)

    Duty Cycle: Continuous


  • Bray Series 63 Solenoid



    Pilot Operated

    Spool Control Valve

    Convertible From 3-way (3/2) to 4-way (5/2)

    Spring Return or Double Acting