Worcester Cryogenic Ball Valve

May 21, 2019

Worcester Cryogenic Ball Valve

FloSource is proud to announce a stocking program for the Worcester Controls Cryogenic Ball Valve line. The Worcester Cryogenic Ball Valve line includes stainless and brass valves for cryogenic service up to -425 F. The C44, C4, and C51 valves are many features listed below.

  • Positive Ball Cavity Relief – An upstream relief hole in the ball prevents dangerous overpressure due to thermal expansion. On extended stem valves through 2″, a one-piece stem with alignment pin assures proper orientation of the ball.
  • Pressure Safe Stem – Both one-piece and two-piece, assembledinside-the-body stems are safe from blowout and are supported with Polyfill® thrustwashers. Zero Leak Packing – Belleville live-loaded TFE packing rings and stem centering followers assure zero leakage through the toughest, highcycle applications.
  • Effective Bonnet Extensions – The stem extensions of Worcester Controls’ cryogenic valves conform to standard industrial practices. That means wall thickness and lengths that keep heat transfer down, the packing frost-free, operational torques low, and actuators solidly supported.
  • High-Performance/Low-Thermal Stress – The special “part compatibility” design of valve parts, Polyfill seats and body seals assure tight shutoff, zero body leakage and low torque through large thermal excursions from ambient to -425°F. Valves Designed for Automation – Approximately 40% of cryogenic installations require fail-safe operation or automatic on/off control. Worcester Controls has the pneumatic and electronic, computercompatible controls for your installation. Valves Designed for Fire Safety – A Series 94 double-graphite, stemsealed fire-tight version of our cryogenic valve is available through the Custom Products Department. These valves are especially effective in hydrogen and liquefied natural gas systems.

FloSource is an authorized stocking FlowServe Worcester Distributor. We carry many common and specialty Worcester valves and actuators. Contact our friendly team for more information today.

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