• Worcester Actuators

  • Worcester Actuators by Flowserve can be found through out the world.  FlowServe makes the Worcester brand in 3 different styles.  They include pneumatic, electric, and electro-hydraulic.  Each of the these designs have unique features that set them apart from their competitors.  Worcester Actuators can be found in chemical, petro-chemcial, refining, oil & gas, pulp & paper, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and OEM's around the globe.   FloSource is a authorized stocking distributor for Worcester products.   For more information see the links below.



  • Worcester F39 Pneumatic Actuator

    The FlowServe / Worcester Series 39 actuators have set the gold benchmark for years in pneumatic rack & pinion actuators.  One of the reasons they are the benchmark is because of the unique polished guide bar design that allow the pistons to be guided thru a stroke which minimizes wear on the piston o-ring seals.  This feature allows the actuator to boast a 5 million cycle life before overhaul.  Other features include stainless steel fasteners, corrosion protected springs, and unique unrestricted flow thru the guide rods which give fast speeds as a standard.  

    As an authorized FlowServe / Worcester distributor FloSource stocks these units for quick shipment.  The F39 is available in both double acting and spring return design.  Options include High Temp and Low Temp seals, Worcester ACCESS package, side mounted solenoids, and special coatings.  For more information see the links below.

  • Worcester Series 75 Electric Actuator

  • One of the most reliable electric actuators on the market, the Worcester Series 75 is lightweight, compact and powerful. Its split phase capacitor AC reversing motor or DC motor drives a valve through a sealed, permanently lubricated gear train which offers virtually lifetime maintenance-free dependable operation.  Count on Worcester Actuators for the most demanding actuators.

    The Worcester Series 75 is available in eight sizes and produces torques to 3000 in-lbs. Housings are designed to TYPE 1 General Purpose, TYPE 4 Watertight, and TYPE 7, Class 1, Division 1 and 2, Group C, D and TYPE 9, Class II, Division 1 and 2, Group E, F, G. A combined location TYPE 4, 4X, 7, 9 enclosure is also available as a “Z” option. A baked polyester finish is the standard coating, but special coatings are avail- able for extreme hazardous-environment applications. 



  • Worcester Series 34 Pneumatic Actuator

  • The Worcester Controls Series 34 Pneumatic Actuator is the most efficient actuator available, delivering “tailored torque” to provide fast, smooth and positive operation through the full cycle. The Series 34 is available in 2 sizes in both Double Acting and Spring Return.  If your looking for great value in a compact actuator look no further than the Worcester Series 34.

  • Worcester Series 36 Electric Actuator

  • The Worcester Series 36 Unidirectional Electric Actuator provides direct, positive, automatic, on/off, quarter-turn valve operation at a low cost. It requires only a single electrical connection as a power source, and it can be easily installed in most piping systems because of its compact design. 

  • Worcester Actuators are stocked at FloSource in many configurations.  We also carry a large inventory of spare parts, rebuild kits, and can provide technical assistance.  For more information about Worcester please go to:  FlowServe

  • Worcester actuators