• Westlock Controls

  • Westlock Controls are known worldwide for their dependability and ruggedness.  Millions of units are in service in some of the most demanding applications across the globe.  FloSource has been a partner with Westlock since 2004.  We have provided thousands of units on valve assemblies in many types of industries.  Some of the more prominent industries include: Oil & Gas, steel production, aluminum production, chemical, food & beverage, distilled spirits, ethanol, power generation, refining, & pulp and paper.  

  • Position Monitors

  • Westlock Acctutrak Weatherproof rotary position monitors with the option of high-performance resin or powder-coated aluminum enclosures. Available with multiple switch options including mechanical and MAGNUM switches.  These are an industry workhorse.  

    • Touch Set Cams

    • Durable High Visibility Beacon

    • NAMUR output shaft

  • Westlock Accutrak Explosion Proof Valve Monitors are available in both an Aluminum and Stainless Steel Enclosures.  Multiple switch options including mechanical and MAGNUM Switches are available.  

    • Touch Set Cams

    • Durable High Visibility Beacon

    • Namur output shaft

  • Valve Positioners

  • Westlock offers 3 positioners that we utilize on a day to day basis at FloSource.  These units are typically available from our inventory and are outlined in detail below.  We always suggest purchasing a positioner with a filter regulator.  This will ELIMINATE a lot of common positioner problems most plants experience. Our experience with with Westlock Controls Positioners goes back 10 years.  We have mounted, calibrated, and shipped a few thousand units.  We are very capable of trouble shooting these on the phone and in the field.  Outlined below are our top Westlock positioner choices.



  • K20

    The Westlock K20 has been a new introduction in 2018.  We've asked for years for a simple auto-calibrating and economical positioner.  Westlock has delivered!!  These units are filled with great features for a economical unit.  Features such as auto-cal, output feedback unit as standard, and a LCD display screen.  We utilize these on a daily basis on butterfly and ball valve assemblies.  

  • ICOT

     The Westlock ICoT range of smart digital positioners deliver reliable and effective control for both rotary and linear action valves. The ICoT digital positioner has enhanced functionality with the ability to provide diagnostics on the valve and actuator, accurate measurement of all the operating parameters and is compatible with both HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocols.