• Triac Control Valves

  • Triac control valves are available in 2 distinct designs.  Each design has it's own unique features and benefits.  Outlined below are the V-Port and Segmented Valve by A-T Controls.  Let our engineers help you determine which control valve is best fit for your application.  Contact us Today.

    Triac V-Ports are available in both flanged (V9) and three piece (V8), as well as a Sanitary version (V77).  These unique valves utilize a v-cut ball in several different angles based on the application.  Common cuts include 15,30,60, and 90 degree balls.  Custom cuts can also be provided based on the application.  The V-ports are offered in a soft seat design which allow zero leakage in the closed position. This style is commonly used on clean liquids and gases. As well as low pressure saturated steam.  FloSource is very experienced in V-ports and can help our end users size and select the correct valve.

    Triac Segmented Valves are available in flanged ANSI 150 lb and ANSI 300 lb.  These valves have a trunnion style design.  Available in both a soft seat and metal seat design, the Segmented valves serve well is dirty liquids and light - non erosive slurries. FloSource  engineers can help you size and select the correct segmented valve for your application.


  • For over a decade, FloSource has been the Midwest’s leading quick-turnaround distributor of valve, actuation, instrumentation and steam equipment for end-users, OEMs, Engineering and Construction Services (E&Cs), as well as process mechanical contractors in power, oil, gas, food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, steel and water/waste management.   The FloSource name goes hand-in-hand with quality and reliability.  FloSource is a certified Woman Business Enterprise.  We are family owned and operated.  Contact us today for more information.