Now Stocking – Westlock K20

Jun 6, 2018

Now Stocking Westlock K20

Crane has recently introduced the Westlock K20 electro-pneumatic positioner. The performance to price is outstanding with features such as digital display screen, simple one-button auto-cal calibration, and intrinsically safe. The next generation Westlock K20 is designed to auto-calibrate in just minutes. It utilizes a offset Hall-Effect sensor to measure position. All units come complete with 4-20 MA feedback as a standard. Enclosures include aluminum, stainless steel, and a resin enclosure. Units can also be configured with limit switches. Options on switches include Magnum XT-90, Mechanical V3, and P&F inductive prox sensors.

FloSource has been an early adopter of these units. Our valve automation team have used these on several oil & gas projects, food & beverage projects, and several distilled liquor expansions. To date we’ve had zero issues in the shop and have had outstanding feedback from our end users. We really like the following features of the Westlock K20

  • SIMPLE SETUP – These units are the most straight-forward positioner we’ve ever worked with.
  • Economical – The K20 is a fraction of the price of other smart positioners
  • Feedback as a standard – If you decide you need you’ve already got it.
  • One Unit for Double Acting or Spring Return – This makes your inventory more flexible
  • Pressure Gauges on every unit.

Our current K20 inventory includes standard units with a Filter/Regulator (Recommended) and also units with XT-90 Magnum switches. For more information on the K20 or a demo of the unit please contact your salesperson today.

For More Information Click the Link Below

Westlock K20 Brochure

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