Next Generation Velan Valves

Feb 27, 2024


Exciting News from Velan! Their small forged gate and globe valves have undergone a significant design upgrade for enhanced safety and efficiency. In support of end-user ESG initiatives and LDAR compliance programs, Velan has developed an innovative solution to allow for precise application of Low-E injectable packing should a leak be detected. This next-gen valve design includes pre-drilled/tapped field injection ports located in the bonnet, properly aligned to minimize the risk of accidental drill-through and protect valve internals while applying Low-E injectable packing. Velan’s patent-pending design feature will help extend the life of our already high-performing valves, reduce plant down-time, and increase operator safety during valve repair. This design applies to bolted bonnet gate and globe valves NPS ¼ -2 (DN 8-50), Class 150-1500. How to Order and Technical Information: Discover more about this game-changing upgrade! Find ordering details and technical information here

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