• Inhouse CNC Capabilities

  • FloSource is able to get your automated assemblies out FAST!  We are proud of our inhouse CNC capabilities, which allows us quick turnaround times on brackets and couplings.  Does your facility require LOCK-OUT (LOTO)?  We can do those too!


  • Design Capabilities

    FloSource Inc utilizes SolidWorks, which allows us to provide our customer with:

    • Solid models
    • 2D layouts
    • Visual illustration of products
  • CAM Capabilities

    FloSource Inc uses CamWorks for CAM programming and CNC code generation

    • Efficient machining time
    • Lowered scrap rate
    • Future fulfillments of reorders
  • Fabrication Capabilities

    We strive to have control of all aspects of our business in house allowing FloSource to deliver full assemblies much faster than the competition.

    • HAAS VF2 CNC Mill Center
    • HAAS ST30Y with Live Tooling
    • Welding capabilities (MIG/TIG)
    • Broaching cell
    • Vision Engraver - custom tags
    • Local sand blast / powder coat partnership