• Automax SX – Stainless Steel Actuator

  • Automax SX Series Actuator - Stainless Steel

    Automax SX Actuators utilizes a 316 Series stainless steel body and is ideal for use in corrosive environments. The Automax SX Actuators are available in both Double Acting and Spring Return versions and with optional polished finishes for sanitary applications.  FloSource can also provide Stainless Steel Solenoids and Limit Switch Boxes on top of these to for true corrosion resistant automation package.  Contact our Engineering team today for application assistance.  

  • 1. NAMUR Mounting. The SX-Series stainless steel actuator has NAMUR mounting patterns which allows for the direct mounting of both accessories and controls. The use of sandwich NAMUR mounted controls with the Automax SX-Series stainless steel actuator allows for a compact design requiring no tubing or fittings. The NAMUR mounting pattern maintains a lower mounting profile for accessories such as limit switches and positioners.

    2. Corrosion Resistant Materials. All external components are 300 series stainless steel. Optional stainless steel pistons and springs are available for internal corrosion resistance. Optional stainless steel APS2 air purge module is available for standard stainless steel spring return actuators.

    3. Bi-directional Travel Stops. Travel stops allow for adjustment of the clockwise and counterclockwise positions.  The unique travel stops allow for 5° overtravel in each position and unlimited undertravel adjustment in each direction.

    4. Field Reversible Action. Field reversible action accomplished by simply rotating the pistons 180°.

    5. Interchangeability. One design for spring return and double acting actuators allows for maximum interchangeability.

    6. Concentric Nested Spring Design. Significantly reduces the number of parts and allows for maximum spring gage and cycle life.

    7. Broad Size Range. Broad size range offers optimum actuator sizing.

    8. ISO Valve Mounting Pattern.