• Automax SuperNova

  • Automax SuperNova Actuator

    Flowserve Automax B series rack and pinion actuators are designed for butterfly, plug, or ball valves, and offer one compact design for double acting and spring return functionality. These actuators can be found working in industries such as Cement, Oil & Gas, Steel, Aluminum, Power Generation, Chemical, and Petro-Chemical.  FloSource maintains a large inventory of these actuators, and can provide these in both spring return and double acting design.  We also carry most spring sets in inventory to match the torque needed for your application.  


    • Aluminum alloy body, internally and externally hard anodized.

      End caps, oven-treated with ultra-thick epoxy coating.

      Fully field reversible for altering spring failure mode.

      Piston guide bearings with wide contact surfaces, increased efficiency and cycle life.

      Independent open and closed adjustment (standard across S050-S200) is indispensable where finite adjustment or limited rotation is required.

      Working temperatures to cover from -50°C to +150°C. Standard -20°C to +80°C.

      The unique design also allows for operation with non-lubricated air.

      Maintanable on site without the need for any special tools.

      Valve and accessory connections according to the latest international standards