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    8 Jun 2018
    Worcester Actuators

    Worcester actuatorsWorcester Actuators by Flowserve can be found through out the world.  FlowServe makes the Worcester brand in 3 different styles.  They include pneumatic, electric, and electro-hydraulic.  Each of the these designs have unique features that set them apart from their [...]

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    Air Torque Rack & Pinion

    Air Torque PTThis PT product line is developed on a specific request of a big End-User in terms of combination of materials and coating to get proper performance against specific and aggressive environments. The PT"N" line has the same base of the PT "B" line. The PT design in fully compliance [...]

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    Air Torque Pneumatic Actuators

    Air Torque actuatorsAir Torque Actuators can be found around the globe.  Considered the standard by some of thelargest chemical customers.  As such, they continue to invest in coatings and design improvements.   Air Torque Rack and Pinion Actuators are designed to handle most quarter [...]

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    Bray Electric Actuators

    Bray Electric ActuatorsBray Controls’ years of proven success in electric actuation, combined with innovative engineering, has produced the Series 70 electric actuator. The Series 70 features on/off or modulating control. Bray’s Series 70 electric actuator has many advantages over other [...]

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    Bray Actuators and Controls

    Bray ActuatorsWith over 30 years of experience, you can count on Bray Actuators and Bray Controls for your actuation needs.  Bray Actuators and Controls are assembled and tested in 3 best in class manufacturing facilities around the globe.  Utilizing state of the art manufacturing [...]

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    Bray Series 92/93 Actuators

    Bray Series 92/93 actuatorsStyling, strength, compactness, and simplicity of design have been combined to produce the Bray Series 92 direct acting and the Series 93 spring return pneumatic actuators. Engineering excellence and precision manufacturing has produced a modular product line with reduced [...]

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