• Air Torque Rack & Pinion

  • Air Torque PT Series

    This PT product line is developed on a specific request of a big End-User in terms of combination of materials and coating to get proper performance against specific and aggressive environments.
    The PT"N" line has the same base of the PT "B" line.
    The PT design in fully compliance with all the international standards is also covered by international patents.
    The Power Technology "N" line offers the widest and most complete actuator range with huge options availability

  • This line counts a combination of:
    - 17 different model sizes both in double acting and spring return
    - 8 different protection levels
    - 3 different working temperature executions (from -55°C/-67°F up to +150°C/+302°F)
    - Multiple choice of ISO flange and drive shaft connection for each actuator size.
    The -40°C lower temperature construction is offered as standard without any price increase, as well as the nuts&bolts in stainless steel as a base.
    With output torque up to 10.000Nm, Air Torque is the only manufacturer in the world offering the biggest rack and pinion actuator in aluminium.

  • Air Torque PT