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    FlowServe/Durco has authorized FloSource as a Distrbutor for Durco Products. As such, we are now stocking Durco Plug Valves.  Durco Plug Valves are utilized in chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, steel – pickling, and power generation.  These valves are known for low energy consumption and bubble tight shutoff.

    Our customers have relied on us for years for quick-turn around automated valve packages.  The Durco addition is a benefit to our end users because we know are able to provide automated Durco plug valves in hours, not weeks.  Count of FloSource for all your automated valve needs.

    Here’s a link to our Durco webpage:  FloSource-Durco .  We think you’ll find our page helpful in finding brochures, maintenance manual, as well as applications we’ve worked on with our customers.  FlowServe also has a nice page to visit  check it out at: FlowServe-Durco

    Below is an outline list of our current Plug valve inventory.  We will continue to add inventory in 2018.

    • Durco T4E plug valve. 1.0” thru 4.0” with wrench ANSI 125#/150#

    • T4E plug valve 6.0” with gear ANSI 125#/150#

    • Durco G4 plug valve 0.50” thru 4.0” with wrench ANSI 150# Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel – various trims

    •  G4 plug valve 6.0” with gear ANSI 150# Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel – various trims

    • Durco G4-Marathon plug valve 0.50 thru 4.0” with wrench ANSI 150# in Stainless Steel – various trims

    FloSource personnel have completed factory authorized training on Durco valves.  One of our team members has 20 plus years as a FlowServe/Durco employee.  He is considered an expert in the field.

    We would like to thank FlowServe/Durco for the opportunity to represent such a great product in our market.  We look forward to working with our existing and new customers on solving some of their toughest applications.

    Thanks for taking the time to read our Durco blog post.  We will providing updates on relevant information as the year goes on.

    CONTACT US AT:  800-752-5959 or sales@flosource.com



    Stocking Durco Plug Valves

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