Keystone Fig AR1/AR2

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General Application

Ideally suited for many high performance applications, such as fire protection, water treatment, cooling systems, food and beverage and bulk product handling. Consult us for appropriate materials for specific services.

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Technical Data

Size Range :

Figure AR1 (wafer style) 2 thru 36-inch
Figure AR2 (lugged style) 2 thru 24-inch

Flange Standard :

ANSI Class 125/150


 Part   Standard Material   Material Specification   Optional Material  
 1. Body   Cast iron   ASTM A-126, Class B   Carbon steel  
  Ductile iron   ASTM A-395 GR 60/40/18   Stainless steel  
 2. Disc   Ductile iron   ASTM A-536 GR 65/45/12   
  Aluminum bronze   ASTM B-148, UNS C95200 Grade A   
  316 Stainless steel   ASTM A-743, CF8M   
 3. Stem   316 Stainless steel (2 thru 12-inch)   ASTM A-276 UNS S31600   
  18-8 Stainless steel (14 thru 20-inch)   ASTM A-276 UNS S30400   
  17-4 PH Stainless steel (24 thru 36-inch)   ASTM A-564 UNS S17400   Phosphate treated steel  
  (2 thru 20-inch)   ASTM A-108 UNS G10450   
 4. Seat   NBR food grade (0°F thru 212°F)    Fluoroelastomer (FKM)  
  EPDM food grade (-40°F thru 250°F)    White NBR  
 5. Upper stem bushing   Polyester (2 thru 20-inch) Bronze (24 thru 36-inch)    
 6. Stem packing   NBR    
 7. Torque plug (2 thru 12-inch)   316 Stainless steel   ASTM A-276 UNS S31600 condition A   
 7. Disc screws (14 thru 20-inch)   316 Stainless steel   ASTM F-593 Group 2 condition CW1   
 7. Taper pins (24 thru 36-inch)   17-4 PH Stainless steel   ASTM A564 UNS S17400 H1075   
 8. Bearings (2 thru 12-inch)   Sintered metal    

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