USG Welding & Compressed Gas Regulator Gauges

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Our Welding, Medical and Compressed Gas Regulator Gauges come in 2-1/2", 2", 1-1/2" and 50mm sizes, to meet all your compressed gas needs.  Cleanliness for all gauges in in accordance with Level IV of ASME B40.1, and all low pressure gauges are UL 252A registered and high pressure gauges are UL 404 approved.  Case materials include polished brass, gold or black painted steel, chrome plated steel, and chrome plated ABS.

  • P-600 Series Gauges

    AMETEK U.S. Gauge offers a wide variety of welding and compressed gas gauges used on various types of regulators. The high pressure gauges are used for measuring cylinder or tank pressure. The low pressure gauges are used on the downstream side of the regulator to indicate regulated, reduced pressure.

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